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What is A Peaceful Worrier?

When you're trying to be zen AF, but adulting is hard.


I'm a yoga teacher, crafter, and dreamer with a head full of ideas. Stay tuned as new and unique handcrafted items are sure to appear!

About Me

It all started as a way to declutter my space and mind. Then came along an encouraging friend who has a way of making anything seem possible. Sparked by her infectious enthusiasm, I created The Peaceful Worrier. My ultimate mission is to sell handmade products with a purpose, offer tips, recipes, or anything else I've found helpful, support other small and women owned businesses, and above all else, create a safe and supportive space where others can be inspired to grow more fully into their authentic selves, rooted in love as I do the same.


As I navigate this new journey, I will be exploring different projects and products I've been itching to create so be sure to stop back regularly to see what's new!

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