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"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" -Immanuel Kant


This stylish bracelet makes a "Pawfect" gift idea for a pet parent in your life (yourself included)!



8mm snowflake obsidian said to help wearers see the patterns of their own thoughts and behaviors; both the light and the dark. This shows the uncomfortable sides of our personality to aid in dissolving the trauma and fear and restore something from deep within that may be lost.


Black obsidian offers protection, strength, and is said to help absorb negative energy


8mm lava beads for additional grounding and to add drops of essintial oil to use for aromatherapy


Silver paw print charm because pets are awesome


Silver spacer beads for style


7 1/4" bracelet strung on elastic


Please note metal beads and spacers may tarnish over time

Pet Charm Elastic Aromatherapy Bracelet

SKU: 091
  • Measure wrist at the approximate location where you would like the bracelet to fit. Please note fit will vary slightly due to specific beads, charms, or spacers used. Please select size slightly larger (1/4"+) than measurement of wrist to ensure fit. If you like a looser fit, select 1/2"+ larger fit. If you have questions, please reach out

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